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Education Care & Visa Consultancy emerged as the leading recruiter of students of students for overseas education to Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and USA and provides professional immigration consultancy to the clients for Australia, Canada and USA.

ECVC has in house IELTS teaching experts and facility, where we provide the best professional guidance and direction to meet the linguistic requirements of the students who want to do higher study or do immigration in Australia, Canada, UK and USA.

Being the pioneer in providing consultancy service in overseas services in overseas education and immigration service since 2023, we provides most up-to-date information to clients and always ensures the satisfaction of our clients. For our extra-ordinary service and increasing success rate, we already established us as a market leader in this field. ECVC has incomparable success rate of fulfilling the dream of Bangladeshi student to take higher study around the world.

ECVC promote the institutions worldwide that are interested in attracting / recruiting students from abroad, especially from Bangladesh.


  • Helping students to choose and finalize course and institute abroad based on their career goal.
  • Helping skilled and Business Investor applicants to migrant abroad.
  • Helping prospective Applicants/Clients to develop their English skill by providing IELTS preparation course.


The mission of ECVC is to ensure complete client satisfaction by providing best possible services and support them to fulfill dream.


To be a global brand in our field and make us available to every client both inside and across the boundary.


We have excellent work environment.
We have great professional team work.
We give equal importance to each and every client.
We always provide best possible support for every clients.
We always update us with the latest information.

We are here to help you!